Wings For Life World Run - Chiswick Park | Alergare în England (GB), 05 mai 2019


Wings For Life World Run - Chiswick Park

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Wings For Life World Run - Chiswick Park
Duminică, 5. Mai 2019
Chiswick Park - Greater London, England
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Alergare, Cros
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Wings For Life World Run - Chiswick Park


The Wings for Life World Run is returning in 2019 for its sixth year. Registration is open, so competitors can join in and become one of hundreds of thousands of people bringing the world together to run for those who can't. The UK will once again host an App Run, and this year, Chiswick Park will be the venue for the run with a 3K closed road circuit. In the virtual run, participants will still have all the fun of running alongside others in the world, but the Catcher Car will be virtual. 100% of the fees and donations go to important spinal cord research, raising money for the Wings for Life Foundation to make spinal cord injuries curable.

To take part in the Wings for Life App Run, participants will need to download the App to a phone, log in and register to take part on Race Day. Runners can either take part in their hometown and choose the route to run, or they can sign up to the organised App Run event in Chiswick Park and join hundreds of other runners and Wings for Life Ambassadors at the closed 3K circuit. Whether participants set their own App Run course, or join an Organised App Run to participate together with others, all names will feature on the Global Result List.

Whether walking, running or rolling a wheelchair, participants set their own goals, and everyone finishes the race, because in this unique format you don't head to a finish line. Instead, the Catcher Car chases you. When it passes you, your race is done and it's time to celebrate!


Price: Race Entry: GBP 18.00

Time: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Venue details: CHISWICK BUSINESS PARK PLAZA, Chiswick Park, London, W4 5YA, United Kingdom

Loc desfășurare eveniment

Chiswick Park
Chiswick Park
Greater London
United Kingdom

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