Salt Lake City Marathon | Alergare în Utah (US), 21 aprilie 2018

Salt Lake City Marathon

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Salt Lake City Marathon
Sâmbătă, 21. Aprilie 2018
South Wasatch Drive - Salt Lake County, Utah
Ramuri sportive:
Cros, Alergare maraton, Alergare semimaraton, Alergare
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Salt Lake City Marathon


"The Salt Lake City Marathon is the kind of event you need to see to believe. Starting at the Olympic Legacy Bridge, this gorgeous race takes you past the towering Wasatch Mountains, through and through some of the most iconic parts of the city before it culminates at the finish line in the heart of downtown. Then it’s time to reflect on what you just accomplished and enjoy the after party with friends and family.  There is something for everyone - Full (BQ) and Half Marathons, 5k, Bike Tour, 10k Skate and a 1k Kid's Marathon!  Beautiful? Yes. Challenging? Absolutely. And being Beautifully Challenging is what makes the Salt Lake City Marathon a race you need to see—and run—for yourself."

Loc desfășurare eveniment

South Wasatch Drive
Salt Lake County
United States

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