Международный ледовый полумарафон "Honor Vladivostok Ice Run" | Turism sportiv și Alergare în Primorsky Krai (RU), 22 februarie 2020

Международный ледовый полумарафон "Honor Vladivostok Ice Run"

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Международный ледовый полумарафон "Honor Vladivostok Ice Run"
Sâmbătă, 22. Februarie 2020
Vladivostok - Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai
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Turism sportiv, Alergare, Alergare semimaraton, Cros, Trail Running
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Международный ледовый полумарафон


Who said you can’t walk on water? Actually, you can! And not only walk but run if you are in Vladivostok in winter.

We invite you to take part in the V Anniversary International Ice Marathon “Honor Vladivostok Ice Run”!

22 February, 2020 we are running on the frozen East Sea, at the Novik Bay on the Russian Island. The number of participants is limited because of safety reasons - 1 500 runners only.

The prize fund of the race is 500 000 rubles. 

Last year runners from 22 regions, 50 cities of Russia and 12 countries participated in competitions. There were representatives of Indonesia, Philippines, the Republic of Korea, the USA, Japan, India, France, China, and others. 

Registration for three distances is open for adult athletes: 5km/10 km /21,1 km and  500 meters and 1 km for children. Also this year together with our Chinese partners “Love Marathon”, we prepared the “Love 21,1” race for the loving pairs and spouses with a special prize fund.

This year we also prepared many additional services for the runners: Start package, Finisher package, the medal to each finisher on the finish line, concert, contests and ice show. That’s all is waiting for you. 

Challenge yourself by  #Runningonthesea

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Primorsky Krai

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