How is Calculated Rating -

Surely you've wondered, how to calculate the rating of events occurring in our online calendar. In this article we intend to explain in detail how to score granting event.

The score consists of 3 parts: Sportsplanner
rating,user scoring, estimated number of participants.

  • Sportsplanner Rating
All editions of an event are counted which were introduced on SportsPlanner since 2012. Events that have a number of editions greater than or equal to the difference between the current calendar year and 2012 will get maximum points, ie 5 out of 5. The rest of the events receive a score spread over the number of years of the calendar.
  • User Scoring
Any user has the opportunity to record a score for each event that occurs in the calendar. Unauthenticated users have to confirm their authenticity on the email address. Users can enter a score between 1 and 5, with 5 being the maximum score and must leave a comment justification for their choice.
  • Estimated Number of Participants
Any user can indicate whether they participated in an event in the past, or has been planning to attend. Also can opt for negative alternative, respectively, did not attend the event and / or will not participate in the future. The positive response is scored 5 points, the negative answer gets 1 point, the lack of response leaves the event score unaltered.

The three parts are then weighted as follows:

(Sportsplanner Rating * 5 + User Scoring * (4 + Number of Reviews) + Estimated Number of Participants * 1) / (10 + Number of Reviews)