Ultra Fiord | Alergare în Puerto Natales (CL), 01 aprilie 2019

Ultra Fiord

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Ultra Fiord
Luni, 1. Aprilie 2019 - Sâmbătă, 6. Aprilie 2019
Puerto Natales, Puerto Natales - Puerto Natales, Puerto Natales
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Trail Running, Alergare, Ultra Maraton
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Ultra Fiord


Ultra Fiord is an international Trail Running event that takes place in the extreme southern end of Chilean Patagonia. This region of the planet is characterised by thousands of kilometers of fjords, formed by the passage of gigantic glaciers since thousands of years ago. This is possibly the country’s “best-kept secret.” Ultra Fiord® is a long journey that enters into the magical world of fjords

In its fifth edition, Ultra Fiord® will feature seven race distances: 100Miles, 100K, 70K, 50K, 42K, 30K and Vertical Kilometer. The event format will be a non-stop run carried out in semi-autonomy.

Previous experience and a strong physical and mental strength are required to participate in Ultra Fiord®. The race route goes into one of Patagonia’s wildest natural landscapes, which is combined with meteorological conditions that can become very hostile. Along the route, you will encounter meadows, rivers, mud zones, peat bogs, mountains covered by glaciers, and endless forests painted by the warm colors of autumn. Ultra Fiord® is a life experience!

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Puerto Natales, Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales

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