8° Trail del Moscato | Alergare în Cuneo (IT), 29 septembrie 2019

8° Trail del Moscato

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8° Trail del Moscato
Duminică, 29. Septembrie 2019
Santo Stefano Belbo - Santo Stefano Belbo, Cuneo
Ramuri sportive:
Trail Running, Alergare
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8° Trail del Moscato


Trail del Moscato: 28-29 september 2019.  Located in Santo Stefano Belbo (birthplace of Cesare Pavese), Cossano Belbo, Castiglione Tinella, Mango (Piedmont, province of Cuneo), this is an event running through the beautiful and rugged hills that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Organized by ASD Dynamic VB Center with the support of the Piedmont Region, the intention is to promote this sector (as narrated by Cesare Pavese in his novels) from a sporting point of view. Langhe is one of the more beautiful, quaint and charming places in Italy, known for its wine and forest landscape. A combination of stunning scenery, with rugged hills sloping down, and gentle slopes completely covered with vineyards. From the top of the mountain the view extends to the Alps beyond the Monte Rosa massif, a distance that disappear on clear days and be reveals a wonderful and incredible scenery.

The area also offers great food, wine and dozens of houses in which to taste and drink the food and the local wine (Moscato, Barolo, Barbaresco, truffles).

A territory "still wild, even if transformed by man" with optimum slopes for this type of sporting competitions. On the track there are trails, dirt roads, gravel roads vineyards, forests and small villages with a lush vegetation. The course is executable and challenging but without visible sections, suitable for those who are well-trained.
This event has grown in popularity from 150 to 1,800 participants in the latest edition.

The three races available are named after Cesare Pavese’s novels, and all start at square Umberto I in S. Stefano Belbo:

·         Lavorare Stanca (Hard Labour), 54 km and 2800 m D +. Starting at 7:30 am (96% of the course is on dirt roads and trails). Qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ®. This race is also part of the Grand Prix IUTA ultratrail 2019 - single trial of the 2019 Italian ultratrail medium championship and the solidarity Short Circuit Race ("I run to find the cure").

·         Paesi Tuoi (Your Villages), a 21 km 1100 m D +. Starting at 09:30 am (96% of the route is on dirt roads and trails).

·         Sali Scendi (Up and Down), a 10 km 550 m D + non competitive event. A Starting at 10.00 hours.

Other activities:

·         Nordic Walking trails, 21 km and 10 km, starting at 10:15am.

·         Wine and food trail walks, organized in 7 stages between vineyards and farms to allow the participants to taste the local products and excellent wine. Departures at 10.30.

·         Kids Fun Run at 11:00 am at the Piazza Santo Stefano Belbo, a run through the village centre for all children up to 13 years of age.

As part of the organizers’ intention to clearly combine sport and solidarity in this event, it is part of the 30 races of the CCS (shorted Solidarity) event, and ASD Dynamic is committed to donate part of the 2019 proceeds to build a Maternity clinic in Djeguila, Mali and the warehouse for the storage of corn and cereals in Msolwa Ujamaa, Tanzania.

Loc desfășurare eveniment

Santo Stefano Belbo
Santo Stefano Belbo
Santo Stefano Belbo

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