Second International Persian Run- Iran Marathon | Alergare în Tehran Province (IR), 13 aprilie 2018

Second International Persian Run- Iran Marathon

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Second International Persian Run- Iran Marathon
Vineri, 13. Aprilie 2018
Azadi Sport Complex - Tehran, Tehran Province
Ramuri sportive:
Alergare maraton, Alergare semimaraton, Alergare
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Second International Persian Run- Iran Marathon


In 2016, The First Iran Marathon, “I Run Iran”, Was Held Near The Historical Iranian City Of Shiraz With Around 150 Participants From 35 Different Countries Who Traveled To Iran To Be Part Of This Cultural And Sport Event. In 2017, The Athletic Federation Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran Organized The Second Iran Marathon In Tehran Under The Name Of “The 1st Persian Run”. 442 Runners From 45 Countries Ran Through The Streets Of The Capital City Of Tehran. The Race Started At Magnificent Azadi Stadium And Ended Next To Azadi Tower, The First Symbol Of Tehran. Now, The Third Iran Marathon And “The 2nd Persian Run” Is Going To Once Again Welcome Runners And Athletes From All Around The World To Take Part In An Event Which Is To Bring Peace, Friendship And Harmony To All. Persian Run Is Not Only A Running Event, It’s Also A Chance To Discover The Land Of Iran And Its Unique Culture And Hospitality.

Loc desfășurare eveniment

Azadi Sport Complex
Tehran Province

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