Technical Series - Night Run | Alergare în England (GB), 15 octombrie 2020

Technical Series - Night Run

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Technical Series - Night Run
Joi, 15. Octombrie 2020
Berkhamsted Railway Station - Hertfordshire, England
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Alergare, Cros
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Technical Series - Night Run


Every trail runner should know how to efficiently run in the dark! We will take you through the techniques of trail running at night, from looking at different types of head torches to how best to avoid trail furniture. We will help you master this exciting but often tricky facet of trail running. You will be led by qualified mountain trail running guides / UK Athletics coaches along country trails which wind through the Ashridge forest and open fields. It's a great opportunity to get out running in a safe environment with a group of like-minded runners as well as learning along the way, especially if you are interested in multi-day adventures and ultraruns. It's possible we may also see some wildlife, including the fallow deer local to the area as well as owls and badgers. As with all Run the Wild events, it's a team event so you will be grouped with similar ability runners and led by one of our Run Leaders who will route find and set the pace for you. We walk anything steep and there will be a few times we stop for briefings and instruction but arrive ready for a trail run!

Loc desfășurare eveniment

Berkhamsted Railway Station
Berkhamsted Railway Station
United Kingdom

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