Spartan Race Dallas Ultra, Beast and Sprint 2020 | Alergare în West South Central (US), 24 octombrie 2020

Spartan Race Dallas Ultra, Beast and Sprint 2020

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Spartan Race Dallas Ultra, Beast and Sprint 2020
Sâmbătă, 24. Octombrie 2020 - Duminică, 25. Octombrie 2020
Texas, West South Central - Texas, West South Central
Ramuri sportive:
Alergare, Obstacole
Site-ul evenimentului:
Spartan Race Dallas Ultra, Beast and Sprint 2020


Spartan Ultra: 30 mi / 50 km, 60 Obstacles

The Spartan Ultra delivers unique course elements and obstacles, in some of the world's most challenging locations. It is the ultimate test of strength and perseverance. If you can complete this, you can do anything.


Spartan Beast: 13 mi / 21 km, 30 Obstacles

Think you have the strength, endurance and resolve to conquer the Spartan Beast? Take on rugged terrain and signature Spartan Obstacles that will shatter your comfort zone.


Spartan Sprint: 3 mi / 5 km, 20 Obstacles

3 miles that will change your life. The Sprint is the perfect distance, whether you're starting your Spartan journey, or you're returning to crush your last time. The Spartan Sprint is the starting line of champions.


Ultra prices starting at: USD 149.00

Beast prices starting at: USD 99.00

Sprint prices starting at: USD 79.00

Venue details:  Rough Creek Lodge and Resort, 5165 County Road 2013, Glen Rose, Texas, 76043, United States

Time: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm

Loc desfășurare eveniment

Texas, West South Central
Texas, West South Central
West South Central
United States

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