K-Way Skyrun | Alergare în Senqu (ZA), 14 noiembrie 2020

K-Way Skyrun

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K-Way Skyrun
Sâmbătă, 14. Noiembrie 2020
Wartrail - Senqu, Senqu
Ramuri sportive:
Trail Running, Alergare, Ultra Maraton
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K-Way Skyrun


This November will be the 24th running of the oldest trail race in South Africa, the legendary K-Way SkyRun and in that time SkyRun has become the quintessential ultra-trail running event on every serious trail runners bucket list – both locally and internationally.

“SkyRun is a race for the top 15% of the field. For the rest of us, it is an endurance adventure!” describes Race Organiser and Director, Mike de Haast from Pure Adventures. “I use the word adventure because it throws all sorts of elements that make up an adventure at you in the course of a day and a half, this adventure can be described as living a lifetime in around 30 hours. You will truly find yourself, and some of the reasons you are ALIVE, out there in the Witteberg Mountains. The beauty of the landscape is unique, the harshness of the terrain unrelenting, the remoteness of the check points massively intimidating, but these elements make for one of the greatest adventures you could ever experience. This is not a mindless 100 odd kilometres of pavement pounding, this is 100km or 65km of ADVENTURE in a well-managed, controlled environment!”

The race encompasses 3 distances – 100km, 65km and 38km. The 100km and 65km races are unique in that they are truly self-supported and self-navigational races, where athletes tackle the remote terrain of the Witteberg Mountain range with a map, compass or GPS unit and a back pack containing all their food, water and compulsory equipment that will enable them to survive in this harsh environment, while operating at an average height of between 2200-2500 meters above sea level.

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South Africa

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