KTA Trail Challenge 25K and 50K Run/Hike | Alpinism și Alergare în Pennsylvania (US), 10 septembrie 2022

KTA Trail Challenge 25K and 50K Run/Hike

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KTA Trail Challenge 25K and 50K Run/Hike
Sâmbătă, 10. Septembrie 2022
Pequea Creek Campground - Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
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Alpinism clasic, Alpinism, Alergare, Trail Running, Ultra Maraton
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KTA Trail Challenge 25K and 50K Run/Hike


      The KTA Trail Challenge is an event for adventurous trail runners and hikers on the wild river hills of the lower Susquehanna Gorge. This daunting trail challenge event on the Conestoga and State Park trails alternates breathtaking vistas with steep descents into dark, scenic hollows followed by strenuous climbs to the next vista. Prepare yourself for the steep hills, rocky terrain and deep ravines of the KTA Trail Challenge, an arduous, undulating and demanding course. Although the KTA Trail Challenge is a timed event, the challenge is not to "win" or "come in first," but to complete the 50K hike in 12 hours or less (10 hours for the 25K). For many participants, the KTA Trail Challenge 50k is the ultimate test of physical fitness and mental toughness. "Winning" is the personal satisfaction that comes with finishing the course in the allotted time. Just a few of the highlights of the 50k course include Wind Cave, House Rock Vista, Tucquan Creek, the Pinnacle Overlook, Kelly's Run, crossing the Susquehanna River on the Norman Wood Bridge, Mill Creek, Lock 12 and Peavine Island. The 25k course stays on the Lancaster County side of the Susquehanna. Everyone who reaches the finish line earns a beautiful, carved wooden medallion. All participants a tech t-shirt at the finish line as well as entrance to the Finish Line Picnic catered by Legends Catering of York. Your entrance fee supports Pennsylvania's hikers and hiking trails and includes a one-year membership in Keystone Trails Association.


Loc desfășurare eveniment

Pequea Creek Campground
Pequea Creek Campground
United States

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