Hateya Trail Run | Alergare în East North Central (US), 09 decembrie 2017

Hateya Trail Run

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Hateya Trail Run
Sâmbătă, 9. Decembrie 2017
Wisconsin, East North Central - Wisconsin, East North Central
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Alergare, Cros, Trail Running
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Hateya Trail Run


The XC Thrillogy Hateya Trail Run (approx. 6.4 miles) and the Hateya Trail Walk (approx. 3.5 miles) will take you on an adventure through the trails in Petrifying Springs Park. The finish of the XCThrillogy Hateya Trail Run is at Shelter One where everyone can enjoy the great food, drinks and a bonfire to warm up at. The run will start with a cross country style start, before you head into the woods in which you will encounter some single track trails, rocks, roots, nasty hills, and possibly snow. This will be perhaps the most challenging course you have run, and if you have never ran a trail race, then the time is now!

It is December in Southern Wisconsin so we could have snow on the trails, which would make the trail even better! But you will run on groomed trails, single track trails and some open green ways through the park. This a well marked trail run and we allow runners averaging 15 min mile pace to finish the race. Running course is estimated at 6.4 miles. Walkers, you will have a combination of trails and bike path over an estimated 3.5 miles

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Wisconsin, East North Central
East North Central
United States

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