Care International's 'Stairs And The City' | Alergare în England (GB), 14 aprilie 2018

Care International's 'Stairs And The City'

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Care International's 'Stairs And The City'
Sâmbătă, 14. Aprilie 2018
The Leadenhall Building - Greater London, England
Ramuri sportive:
Trail Running, Alergare
Site-ul evenimentului:
Care International's 'Stairs And The City'


Stairs And The City: the UK's tallest stair climb challenge
Join CARE's ultimate women-only stair climb challenge in London in April 2018.
This is the very first tower-running challenge for women only that has ever taken place in the iconic Leadenhall Building aka The Cheesegrater.
CARE's Stairs And The City takes place on Saturday 14 April 2018 and is a unique opportunity for women across the UK to join together in solidarity with women and girls around the world who face inequality on a daily basis and are denied the chance to fulfil their potential. By taking part and raising a minimum of £150 you will help CARE continue to empower women across the world to make a real difference. 
With 48 floors and over 1,200 steps this is your exclusive chance to challenge your strength and determination to get to the top of one of the best buildings in the heart of the City of London.
Take the stairs at your own pace or get competitive with your friends and colleagues: we welcome both individuals and groups to join the challenge!

Loc desfășurare eveniment

The Leadenhall Building
Greater London
United Kingdom

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