Beauty and Beast Relay Triathlon | Triatlon în East North Central (US), 19 septembrie 2020

Beauty and Beast Relay Triathlon

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Beauty and Beast Relay Triathlon
Sâmbătă, 19. Septembrie 2020
Ohio, East North Central - Ohio, East North Central
Ramuri sportive:
Olimpic - Asfalt, Triatlon, Mini
Site-ul evenimentului:
Beauty and Beast Relay Triathlon


Triathlon is fun with friends, family and partners! At Greenswell Events, we have put together a fun event to finish off the summer of triathlon fun with a special triathlon called the Beauty & the Beast Triathlon. The Beauty & the Beast Triathlon is a 2 person relay-only event with a twist! Relay Teams are formed of 2 competitors that compete as a team to finish the Triathlon. One person will complete the swim portion; once finished with the swim the person will hand-off to the next team member who will complete the bike portion. Once finished with the bike, both team members will then complete the run together and cross the finish line togetherBoth team members must run the entire run course together and finish together.

Events and Event Distances

  • Olympic distance Triathlon- 0.90 mi swim + 24.4 mi bike + 6.2 mi run
  • Sprint distance Triathlon – 0.45 mi swim + 12.4 mi bike +3.1 mile run

Relay Options/Awarded Team Competitions

  • Combined Age Mixed team relay – 119 and under (both male and female ages combined = < 119 years old)
  • Combined Age Mixed team relay – 120 and over (both male and female ages combined =+120 years old)
  • All-male relay
  • All-female relay

The top finishing team in each distance and division, each team member will receive a $25 gift card to Central Ohio’s own Cameron Mitchell restaurants to enjoy dinner on us.

Loc desfășurare eveniment

Ohio, East North Central
Ohio, East North Central
East North Central
United States

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