Auckland Xterra Riverhead Forest Run/Walk | Turism sportiv și Alergare în Auckland (NZ), 09 septembrie 2018

Auckland Xterra Riverhead Forest Run/Walk

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Auckland Xterra Riverhead Forest Run/Walk
Duminică, 9. Septembrie 2018
Riverhead Forest - Riverhead, Auckland
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Turism sportiv, Alergare semimaraton, Alergare
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Auckland Xterra Riverhead Forest Run/Walk


There is an endless and ever changing network of trails in this pine plantation forest. Once again, like last winter, we can expect Riverhead to have a sufficient amount of glorious mud and clay! For the most part, this course is on a clay surface except for the metalled road sections.  We recommend wearing shoes with sufficient tread or pairing up with a buddy at the start or out on course for some of the slippery and steeper parts.  It's not by any means scary but it sometimes helps runners and walkers, especially those new to the trails to have someone close by to lend a hand.

The mid and short courses are relatively friendly (elevation wise), once you head deeper into the wilderness (from the event base) there are some real lung busters and some pretty cool views to be had at these heights. Long and Super long participants - be prepared :)


We've made it easy for you to gather the entire gang, irrespective of varying fitness and age levels, and head out of the city for an action-packed family outing. The Mid and Short courses are available as walks too, so you may get to stretch out in the long or super long while your partner takes a wee whipper snapper or two around the mid or short course.


  • Short course, 5-8km (walk or run)
  • Mid course, 10-14km (walk or run)
  • Long course, 16-20km (run only)
  • Super long course, 20km+ (run only)

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Riverhead Forest
Riverhead Forest
New Zealand

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