4th Tour of Daphne – The Divine Ride | Ciclism în Λάρισα (GR), 29 august 2020

4th Tour of Daphne – The Divine Ride

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4th Tour of Daphne – The Divine Ride
Sâmbătă, 29. August 2020
Λάρισα (Larissa) - Λάρισα, Λάρισα
Ramuri sportive:
Ciclism, Șosea - Asfalt
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 4th Tour of Daphne – The Divine Ride


 You are welcome to the mythical, cycling event  Tour of Daphne!You are welcomed to experience a special cycling tour in Greece full of  Greek mythology & history!Revive the myth of first love of the god Apollo with the beautiful nymph Daphne and follow his mythical Delphic route!

 ‘Tour of Daphne’ is an innovative and leading cycling event in Greece. It is directly connected to Greek mythology and history, which, it is well known around the world! It is addressed to the enthusiasts of long-distance cycling, and to the fans of the mythology & history of Greece!

Cyclists start off from the Valley of Tempi in the Region of Larissa and finished at the Oracle of Delphi, covering a total distance of 230 km.  Tour of Daphne is a mythical route that has its roots deep into the mythology of our country. What makes Tour of Daphne so special and prestigious is that it demonstrates the myth that refers to the unfulfilled love between God Apollo and the daughter of Pineios River Daphne and revives the same mythical route that God Apollo and his pilgrims followed into a procession, who through rituals deposit their laurel branches to honour him.

The cyclists follow the traces of God Apollo. They start off the Valley of Tempi – the Spring of Daphne, just like the old pilgrims, and they carry laurel branches all the way to the Oracle of Delphi. Along the way, they pass through different cities promoting the history of each place. They set off from the Valley of Tempi (Spring of Daphne), they move on to Larissa (Ancient Theatre, Hippocrates’s statue), to Farsala (Achilles – Thetida Statue), to Domokos, to Lamia (At. Diakos statue), to Gravia (Chani of Gravia) and they finish at the Oracle of Delphi (the core of the earth), where the cyclists lay the laurel branches in the Archaeological area that they have been carrying all the way...!


Date:  Saturday 29 of August 2020

Start  Valley of Tempi - Daphne Springs

Start time: 8:00 am

Finish: The Oracle of Delphi. Deposit of laurel branches.

Course: 230 kilometres. Tempi, Evaggelismos, Makrychori, Larissa, Farsala, Domokos, Lamia, Gravia, Amphissa, Oracle of Delphi.

Route Duration: about 9-12 hours.

Level of difficulty: moderate. Average to a good physical condition is necessary.

Ages: Participants older than 18years old

Entry cost: only 25euros

*Guests may come to Greece to participate in Tour of Daphne by choosing the 3-day packet in 200 euros, or the 7-day packet in Greece in 800 euros.

The company Cyclinghellas has undertaken the coordination of the event :



e-mail: [email protected]

Larissa- Central Greece

Tel: +306944255177 Despina Dalavika

Site: www.cyclinghellas.gr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyclinghellas/  https://www.facebook.com/tour.of.daphne/

Youtube: Cyclinghellas, Tour of Daphne


Instagram: @cyclinghellas

→ Enjoy the unique Greek hospitality!

→ Enjoy a fully authentic Greek experience!

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Λάρισα (Larissa)
Λάρισα (Larissa)

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